Picture Perfect Every Time!

You open your uninspired lunch at work….salad….again. You deserve to treat yourself this week and all you can think about is that delicious, succulent burger that you’ve had your mind on for weeks. Satisfy that craving with a picture perfect patty!

Using the Patty Utensil allows you to not only create that picturesque patty every single time but also provides piece of mind that you’re nourishing your body with quality ingredients. The removable stainless steel disk allows you to choose your desired patty width, Thick or Thin – Fork it In!

You no longer have to settle for anything less than perfect given your time strapped schedule. Fork in to the utensil whatever your craving. Some recipe ideas include; salmon patties, crab cakes, turkey, bean and lentil burger, sweet potato patties, chicken burger, ground mushrooms – the options are endless!

Turn on that show you missed due to that work deadline, grab your burger with melted brie, and give yourself a pat(ty) on the back! … pardon the bun… I mean pun.


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