The Patty Utensil

We’ve all been there… It’s beloved hamburger night and your family eagerly awaits diving into a delectable burger… but what they don’t see is the moment that you dread each and every time; hand forming patties. It’s messy and causes kitchen contamination.

patty utensilsThis easy to store Patty Utensil ensures that patties are made without balling or pre-measuring. The removable disk allows you to simply choose the desired thickness of your patty and fork your ingredients right into the utensil. It’s as simple as they say – Thick or Thin, Fork it In! The Patty Utensil keeps your kitchen free of any mess and you won’t be worried about what germs are left on your counter tops. You won’t even mind others making themselves a burger patty.

This revolutionary tool makes personalized patties perfectly sized from kiddies to papa while they add their own personal fresh ingredients. Everyone leaves the table satisfied!

Check Out Why the Patty Utensil is Fun, Clean and Easy