Spark up the Grill!

This one cooking utensil adds a fresh fun vibe while connecting with family and friends!

burgers on gas grillHave your friends over with ease and shock them with your burger patty perfection. The Patty Utensil assists you by customizing your guests’ patties. Give your friends their selection of size, shape, and seasoning! Choose thick or thin…then fork it in! Host a cookout…don’t worry, no one will be the wiser that your Patty Utensil did all the work.

The Patty Utensil personalizes burger patties in front of guests while still keeping your hands and counters clean from ingredients. 

This revolutionary kitchen utensil creates quick, delicious, fresh… effortless meals that will be the envy of friends and family!

Check Out Why the Patty Utensil is Fun, Clean and Easy