About Us

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Who we’ve become…

By being involved in numerous Toronto product shows we searched for feedback and honest public opinion for the purpose to deliver a new patty tool for the times.

Practicable Products is driven by two Canadian sisters who were inspired by the number of households committed to improving the environment through plant-based eating. Public repeatedly stated, “the youth in our household insist we switch to plant-based protein – I just didn’t know how”.

Patty Utensil acknowledges the public’s need for a kitchen tool that satisfies ALL of their personal flavourful patty cravings. Everyone still needs to spark up the grill and have the flexibility to add and infuse their beloved BBQ flavours into plant-based beef burgers to create those delicious patties for family and friends they’ve always enjoyed & Hands Stay Clean!

Patty Utensil is the tool to combine and add your personal “joie de vivre” into your plant-based burger patty or patty meal!

We are excited about a tool that gives the cooks in the kitchens the flexibility to experiment with different ways to make flavourful, healthy, economical patty meals.

Your Patty – Your Way!™

Bon Appetit!

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