About Us

old picnic imagesYears ago, a kitchen tool was made by my father to create burger patties. This single tool created thick or thin patties, clean and easy, without handling any ingredients. Throughout the years, family and friends had fun personalizing delicious burger patties at home or at the cottage. It became an essential kitchen utensil known as “the patty utensil”…until a family member borrowed it for a weekend camping trip. Long story short, the patty utensil never came back!

That’s when and how we realized the Patty Utensil could not be replaced and why?…So many people over the years had asked where they too could find a Patty Utensil?

I’m now grateful for my niece’s vision and persistence in recreating the PATTY UTENSIL to something we can ALL now enjoy BURGER TIME – ANY TIME!

Today, the Patty Utensil is the answer to making everyone’s preferred patty options; from plant based to beans & beyond.


Check Out Why the Patty Utensil is Fun, Clean and Easy