Calling all Vegans, It’s Burger Time!

I’m here to tell you that Veganism is here to stay folks! Whatever your opinions may be, statistics show that it’s not just a fad diet or a trend amongst millennials. Lately, it seems that plant based restaurants are popping up on every street corner serving up your favourite classic dishes with a twist. More and more individuals are turning to herbivorous diets which can be done without having to sacrifice flavour… (I promise)!

“I could never give up meat” is the sentiment my vegan friends regularly hear from questioning family members about their dietary restrictions, but apprehension towards plant based diets comes from the trepidation that you’ll never satiate that craving for a juicy hamburger at your neighbours 4th of July cookout again but that is just simply not the case!

The Patty Utensil is designed for whatever you’re able to fork inside – whether that be marinated jackfruit or a savoury bean puree. We’ve made it easy for vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians to enjoy a delicious burger of any kind. Attending a family cookout? Avoid the interrogating questions from nosey aunt Mary by bringing your pre-made mushroom and black bean patty to throw on the grill (recipe below). Revolutionize the way you satisfy your burger cravings.

Mushroom & Black Bean Burger Recipe:

You don’t have to convince yourself that tofu burgers are tasty any longer! This recipe is not only juicy and savoury but the texture is so similar to a beef burger that you’ll find yourself reaching for this recipe and your Patty Utensil on a frequent basis!



  1. Throw each ingredient listed above (minus the buns of course) in your food processor or blender at home.
  2. Blend until you have the desired consistency or similar in appearance to oatmeal. Leave a few visible lumps.
  3. Choose the desired size of your round or oval Patty Utensil, thick or thin – then fork it in!
  4. Grill, bake, pan fry, or simply store in the fridge for later and enjoy!

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