Conquer the Camping

Remember the anticipation of piling into the car with your siblings with a trunk full of supplies, heading to your coveted campground…but what us kids didn’t see was the stress that our parents endured trying to ensure that they had packed everything on their list. Tent? Check. Towels? Check. Ketchup? Check. The entire ride there, mom was going over her mental notes until she was able to unpack the car.

burgers on grillWhen you’re on the road, you need to travel light. Of course when you’re camping, all of your kitchen gear can’t come with you. The Patty Utensil makes camping significantly less hectic. Evening cookouts have never been this easy until your new favourite kitchen tool came along. Just one tool gives you limitless options. Use your Patty Utensil to create the juiciest of burgers,  fresh fish cakes, sweet potato or even bean and lentil patties. Family and friends can be relaxed while you prep your patties by the picnic table…soon enough you’ll become the envy of the campground.

The Patty Utensil is exceptionally easy to store with your other supplies and takes up virtually no space at all, not to mention the time it takes to form a patty using the Patty Utensil is only a few seconds, freeing up your time on meal prep so you can enjoy spending quality time with loved ones!

You and your families healthy habits don’t have to take a back seat just because you’re not in the kitchen. Enjoy the outdoors with your Patty Utensil!

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