Don’t be Spooked out by Spice!

Autumn is the season of change, I always find that the fall season is similar to the feeling I get in the new year. It’s the start of the new school year, temperatures start to drop, and the colours of leaves start to showcase their beauty. Fall is also the season of warmer flavour profiles and heartier meals. Cooler temperatures mean delicious warm soup or the smell of a bubbling stew. I love the flavours that come with fall. There’s no mistaking the bright flavour of freshly grated nutmeg

Adding flavour to your everyday dishes can be a daunting task to some as they don’t want to overpower their favourite dishes. Well I’m here to remind you that experimenting with new flavours doesn’t have to be all that scary. Fall is the perfect time of year to test out some new recipes and add some bold herbs and spices to everyday meals. Take the classic burger for example! Try mixing in some roasted garlic into your ground beef or meat substitute the next time you’re making Patties using your Patty Utensil. Another great idea that the kids will love is forking in mashed potatoes to make baked potato patties – they come out perfect every single time; crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle! This is the perfect side dish to any family meal.

Trying new flavours is super simple with the Patty Utensil. This tool allows you to season each Patty individually if you so choose, so you can try many different seasoning combinations without feeling like you have to commit to a single flavour. This is a great option for the families that have a picky eater in the house that sticks to single style while the rest of the family wants to try something new.


We hope that you’ll get around to trying new flavours this season with your Patty Utensil. Post a photo of you latest meal using the Patty Utensil and tag us on your social media!

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