From Cupboard to Cook Top


The Patty Utensil was the missing link to my success of incorporating more plant-based meals. It’s the game changing kitchen tool in my household! If you’re anything like me, then you can relate to having an endless surplus of canned goods in your cupboard that you never seem to reach for. Not only do I routinely buy canned beans, but I’m never sure what to do with them. Since these ingredients are always available in my cupboards I’ve just recently discovered how easy it is to whip up plant-based patty meals at any time. This recipe is as simple as using a can opener! Using organic easy to find pre-cooked rice packets that have an endless array of flavourful varieties, I pour one packet into a bowl, add a handful of frozen vegetables, and half a can of black beans. Combining all ingredients together along with my preferred seasoning, I  simply fork into my Patty Utensil to form perfect patties.

I always make a few extra patties for lunches throughout the week and feel so much better knowing that I’m utilizing the contents in my cabinets. This particular recipe encompasses a healthy, sustainable protein source combined with financially friendly ingredients. Co-workers are now making their own fun variations of patty combinations, such as sprinkling corn meal into patty ingredients for added crunch!

My family’s patty cravings and patty combinations are expanding by the day. Who knew a plant-based diet could be so effortless?

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